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GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance Custom

  • GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance
  • GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance
  • GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance
  • GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance
  • GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance
  • GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance

GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin Low-Temperature Resistance

Product Information
Name: Polyamide 66/Nylon 66 Resin
CAS: 32131-17-2

Product Description
PA-BX086 is a general-purpose Nylon 66 resin. This resin offers a well-balanced combination of engineering properties characterized by high strength, good toughness, high impact, good surface lubricity, abrasion resistance, low-temperature resistance, and self-extinguishment.

Typical Applications
PA-BX086 is suitable for compounding and injection molding. Terminal applications are mainly in machinery, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, automotive components, railway, home appliances, communications, oil pipe/tank, and precision engineering products, etc.

Typical Properties
Properties Test standard Unit Typical value
Flexural strength GB/T 9341 MPa 86.58
Flexural modulus GB/T 9341 MPa 2794.48.
Tensile strength GB/T 1040 MPa 55.32
Elongation at break GB/T 1040 % 22.07
Impact strength GB/T 1843 KJ/m2 7.48
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GRS plastics Nylon 66 Resin is a type of polyamide characterized by its repeating units of hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid. Its chemical structure consists of alternating amide (CONH) linkages, which gives it its unique properties.Nylon 66 has Heat Resistance: It has good thermal stability and can withstand relatively high temperatures without significant degradation.Electrical Insulation: Nylon 66 is a good electrical insulator.
Jiaxing Anyiju Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Anyiju Plastic Industry Co Ltd

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Product Related Knowledge Expansion

GRS Plastics Nylon 66 Resin exhibits a relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means that it undergoes minimal dimensional changes with fluctuations in temperature. The low coefficient of thermal expansion helps the material maintain stability in cold environments.Nylon 66 has a semi-crystalline structure, with crystalline regions contributing to its dimensional stability. The crystalline structure provides an organized arrangement of polymer chains, reducing the material's susceptibility to thermal expansion and contraction.
Tight Molecular Packing:
The molecular arrangement in Nylon 66 includes tightly packed chains, contributing to a more ordered structure. This tight packing enhances the material's resistance to dimensional changes, especially in response to temperature variations.
Moisture Absorption Control:
Nylon 66 has a moderate moisture absorption tendency, but this can be controlled through compounding and additives. Managing moisture absorption is crucial in cold environments, as excessive moisture can lead to dimensional changes due to freezing and thawing cycles.
Glass Fiber Reinforcement:
Nylon 66 formulations may include glass fiber reinforcement. The addition of glass fibers can further enhance dimensional stability, stiffness, and strength, making the material well-suited for applications requiring precision and stability in cold conditions.
Nylon 66 resin with low-temperature resistance finds applications in various industries where durable and reliable performance in cold environments is essential. Here are some common applications for Nylon 66 resin with low-temperature resistance:
Automotive Components:
Nylon 66 is used in automotive applications such as engine components, fuel system parts, and under-the-hood components that require resilience in cold conditions.
Electrical Connectors and Housings:
Nylon 66 is chosen for electrical connectors, housings, and insulation in electronic devices, particularly those used in outdoor or cold environments.
Outdoor Equipment and Gear:
Nylon 66 is utilized in outdoor equipment and gear, including cold-resistant clothing, backpacks, camping equipment, and sporting goods.
Aerospace Components:
In aerospace applications, Nylon 66 with low-temperature resistance may be used for components in aircraft interiors, avionics, and systems that experience low temperatures at high altitudes.
Consumer Goods:
Nylon 66 is employed in various consumer goods that may be exposed to cold conditions, such as cold weather-resistant tools, handles, and components.
Industrial Equipment:
Components of industrial equipment that operate in cold environments, such as machinery used in refrigeration or cold storage facilities, may be made from Nylon 66.
Oil and Gas Industry:
Nylon 66 is used in the oil and gas industry for components that require low-temperature resistance, such as pipes, fittings, and seals used in cold climates.
Military and Defense Applications:
Nylon 66 is selected for military and defense applications where low-temperature resistance is crucial, including equipment, gear, and components used in cold climates.
Plumbing Components:
Nylon 66 may be used for plumbing components, such as pipes, fittings, and valves, especially in applications where exposure to low temperatures is a consideration.
Medical Devices:
Nylon 66 with low-temperature resistance may find applications in medical devices and equipment, particularly those used in cold storage or medical facilities with controlled temperatures.
Power Tools and Machinery:
Nylon 66 is chosen for the manufacturing of parts and housings for power tools and machinery that may be used in cold outdoor environments.
Wire and Cable Insulation:
Nylon 66 with low-temperature resistance is suitable for wire and cable insulation in applications where exposure to cold conditions is anticipated.
These applications highlight the versatility of Nylon 66 in various industries, especially when its low-temperature resistance is a critical factor. Manufacturers often choose Nylon 66 for its combination of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and resilience in challenging environmental conditions.